About YOU

Are you a professional single?

Are you still looking for your soulmate?

Dream of meeting your soulmate soon?

Are you tired of endless emotional rollercoasters?

Professional singles across the globe qualify for our complimentary professional networking and dating services under the Bronze Membership if you meet our criteria.

​As a qualified professional single (single/divorced/widowed)*, you can meet, mingle and even date with other like-minded professional singles in HEHE Match Professional Singles Club (HHM Professional Singles' Net).

DON'T GIVE UP, WE care and can HELP!

Based on our expertise, experience, and skills, we only work with a specific demographic that meets our stringent criteria. The characteristics that define our "qualified professional single" include:

Your characteristics and behaviors: 


  • Legally single (MANDATORY)

  • Successful and professional career-oriented

  • Well established in business or education

  • Positive, confident and open-minded

  • Good stable income

  • Healthy, active, eats healthy, and leads a balanced lifestyle.

  • Well dressed and groomed

  • Seriously looking for a meaningful and romantic relationship.

Your pain points:

  • Extremely busy: Involved in rapid career advancement or working overtime.

  • Competitive at the workplace as an employee or entrepreneur.

  • A poor work/life balance that makes it difficult to find a life partner and soulmate

If you meet any or all of the above attributes, you're an accomplished professional single, and your values align with our mission of connecting you with true soulmates.

You have sacrificed a lot to achieve your current success and status in your chosen career. You deserve a much happier life than what you have now. We are willing and able to help complement your life with that perfect someone, your soulmate, by leveraging our systems, skills, and network to save you the time and effort.

​So why beING single? You deserve more --- A happier, healthier, and balanced life! 



You are welcome to try our services. Our systems have been designed with all budgets considered. With 3 levels of services, you'll find something that caters to your tastes and makes a positive difference in your life.

Networking & Dating Services   



      Bronze Membership

   Personalized Matchmaking Service


               Silver Membership

                 Gold Membership

               Platinum Membership

Customerized Matchmaking Services


         Diamond Membership

All premium services (both personalized and customerized services) offer 30 days money back guarantee.


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