Jade Seashell,

Dating consultant and relationship advisor

Since 2001, I’ve worked with many organizations in the matchmaking industry, and HEHEMatch.com is the best because Eileen and her team highly value integrity and reliability & can get solid results that their clients desire and deserve.


Honestly, these days many singles are wasting their precious time swiping left and right on various dating apps because the online dating approach is not very effective or efficient. What’s more, the masses have already joined dating apps and dating sites, so it’s hard to find a high-value mate on most Internet dating platforms in this day and age. In contrast, Eileen and her team beautifully combine the old-school matchmaking approach with modern technologies: they offer customized matchmaking services that aren’t common nowadays; meanwhile, they run virtual speed dating events and webinars to help singles network online in the right way. HEHEMatch.com is indeed a unique place where love blossoms into sustainable, healthy, and serious relationships. Therefore, I would like to highly recommend HEHEMatch.com to elite singles who are looking for love in a world where true love is respected, cherished, and celebrated.


Zenia Zargar

I worked with Eileen only for a very short duration and then had to leave due to some personal reasons. She is an amazing person and has an extensive understanding of human emotions. She coaches wonderfully and it is because of her I became conscious of a lot of things that mattered to me that I didn’t know. She is a very positive person, an amazing listener and has the patience of a saint. I was blown away by her kindness and generosity. Eileen has a heart for helping people and pure go-giver. Her level of intellect, her ability to take on new perspectives and empathize with others is exceptional. Throughout my association with her, she was never judgmental and I will forever be grateful to her. Thank you! You are wonderful at what you do. You’re the best!

Mir Mustafa

It's always been a great pleasure working with Eileen. A great human being, true professional with a strong, positive attitude. She is always there ready to help any team-mate with any challenge or block they were facing and provided guidance in times of need. She has an exceptional work ethic which encourages his team to push themselves to be better. I really hope to work with you again and again :)


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