How your relationship affects your career (and what to do about it)

Did you know that having a conscientious partner can boost your income by a whopping $4000 per year and strengthens your chances of getting promoted? That's according to a study by Washington University in St. Louis, which also found that your spouse's personality influences your actions.

That's not all. The right relationship will boost your confidence allowing you to better focus on work and achieve exemplary results. In contrast, an unhealthy relationship drains your energy and creativity, leaving you tired and frustrated.

The career-relationship equation

Some of the highly accomplished people in the world attribute their success to their spouses. Just look at Beyonce and JayZ, or Amal and George Clooney. There are other countless examples.

Why do partners have such an influence on your career? Shouldn't the two be independent of each other?

Unfortunately not. Your home environment influences your office moods. If you leave home angry, your actions at the office might reflect that anger and frustration, for example, snapping at colleagues.

Supportive partners enable you to give yourself a chance to succeed. You know that no matter what, someone has your back. As such, you're more willing to make bold career moves and work harder to achieve your goals.

These romantic soulmates also help out with household chores, and promote a happy home life which in turn frees their partners to better focus on their work with visible outcomes.

The perfect soulmate pushes you out of your comfort zone, for example, by encouraging you to get a raise. Their constant praise, admiration, and support give you the morale to go after the challenging goals.

How to find a supportive partner

You can't fully predict how a relationship will turn out. However, you can eliminate most of the red flags of an unhealthy, career-relationship match by asking your potential partner the following questions.

What are your short term professional goals? Their answer should help determine if you're on the same page.

What are your long-term professional goals? The answers here help you determine their level of ambition and vision.

What's your one, three, five, and ten-year plan? Remember that your partner's lifestyle and personality rubs off on you. If they're organized (with a clear one-year plan, for example), that might also influence you.

These are my goals. What are your thoughts? This reveals their personality. Are they jealous, pessimistic, supportive? Are they excited about your ideas? Is their enthusiasm (or lack thereof), something you're ready to live with?

Luckily, at HEHEMatch, we can help you weed out the fakes. We are a Toronto online dating company and work with professional singles of the highest caliber. These are ambitious individuals with the passion for going higher in their careers, and likely to influence and support you on your journey.

By understanding your goals and theirs, we're in a better position to match the most compatible singles for a healthy, long-lasting romantic relationship.

Healthy relationships

Most relationships won't lead to career success or instant improvement. But, the right ones will. At HeheMatch, we aim to give you the best soulmate and life-partner.

If you're both on the same wavelength, and committed to similar goals, you're more likely to succeed and thrive in career or business.

Talk to us today and let us connect you with a soulmate who truly gets you.



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