Virtual Date Ideas To Get You Through Quarantine

Quarantine has been hard for people. The new millennial already struggle to make a meaningful connection in person. Now that dressing sharp and looking good isn't an option, virtual dating is all we have left.

Love is still in the air, and you don’t have to sacrifice your personal life just because you are stuck at home. If you are starving for ideas, we got you. Bookmark this Toronto matchmaking company page for some classic ideas about wooing your match.

Museum Tour

Museum dates will never go out of style. A single afternoon strolling down the lanes of history, art, and culture can reveal more about your partner than any dinner date. Even if you can't go out for a date in person, thousands of museums online offer virtual tours perfect for a date.

Virtual Escape Room

Escape rooms have been at the heart of adventurous people everywhere. They test your strength, intellect, cunning at the same time. More importantly, they show you exactly what kind of person you are dating, and how they behave under duress. Take a peek in your future romantic relationship through HEHE Match. The charge is nominal, but the fun is forever.

Netflix And Chill

The chill part might not be in the cards, but streaming services have been to relationships just like what rain is to soil. You can download chrome extensions like Netflix party and sync up your movies, and even have a chat window open on the side to discuss the best parts. If you are more interested in talking, you can try discord. And don’t worry, if this sounds like a cheap shot at a romantic date, you are wrong. It was revealed that over 30000 people on an online dating site admitted that watching a movie on a date was a great idea.

Fine Dining

Having a candlelight dinner is a fan favorite according to patrons of HEHE Match. Sometimes matchmaking does not have to be woefully complicated and elaborate. Grabbing a meal with someone you like, sharing a drink while talking about your career, professional life or interests is intimate. If you are planning to spruce up your love life, plan for some adventurous meals at home and do a taste test. Or cook a foreign cuisine you have never tried together.


Gamers are so accustomed to the concept of online everything, a game date might not even register as something special to them. If your match is into gaming, then you can easily jump on discord and play Animal crossing, Tabletopia, or even God of War. Whatever suits your fancy?

There is no better way to build a team spirit than smashing monster heads on an epic journey to a mysterious land. Screen share, have fun and you won't even notice when 5 hours have passed talking to each other.

So, go ahead, and don’t compromise on your love because you are in quarantine and stuck miles apart from each other.



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