The way high-value men operate in love, life & business may surprise you

Are you a high-quality woman looking for a high-value man? This article will explain how high-value men operate in life, love and business – some of the information below might surprise you. 😉

  • High-value men don’t lack options.

No, I’m not saying high-value men are surrounded by beautiful women all the time. I mean if a high-value guy wants to find a girlfriend, he can do it in record time because he is a high-quality candidate. Therefore, if you are a single lady looking for a high-value guy, you will need to find out where high-value men are & you should be there, too! 😊

  • High-value men believe in work/life integration rather than work/life balance.

Truthfully, work/life balance is overrated because nothing can be perfectly balanced. In contrast, work/life integration is more practical – a high-value guy knows how to multitask in the right ways so he can be productive without getting burnt out. For example, when he is driving, he is having a telephone meeting with a colleague. When he is working out in the gym, he is listening to an audio book.

  • High-value men focus on the big picture instead of small details.

A high-value guy isn’t petty. He focuses on the big picture rather than small details that stress people out. In business, he delegates small details to his assistant/employee so that he can keep focusing on the big picture and high-leverage tasks.

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