The live speed dating event from HEHE Match is coming! Are you prepared?

As a sincere, resolute, and hard-working professional single, you put in the best effort for every project that you undertake. Are you doing that to find that committed soulmate you always deserve? Has the Covid19 pandemic dampened your spirit? The world is using self-isolation, quarantine, and social distancing as the key tools to fight the pandemic, and these can impede your efforts to find that right partner. You have good news though! As we had indicated, HEHE Match, one of the best professional matchmaking companies for professional singles is organizing a live speed dating event. Are you ready for it? Check out our tips:

Tip #1: Decide how much sensitive personal information to share

We at HEHE Match take your privacy seriously. As a responsible professional matchmaking company, we implement physical, technical, and procedural safeguards to protect your privacy. Our platform is secure and we use a comprehensive risk-control framework to ensure that only the right people join our community.

We encourage you to protect your privacy too. Decide before the live speed dating event about how much sensitive personal information you should share. Share personal information only when you feel comfortable enough with another participant. Trust your gut feelings and use sound judgment.

Tip #2: Plan to look your authentic best!

A live speed dating event will take significant time from you and other participants. You are joining such an event with the specific objective of meeting a potential soulmate. Plan to give it your best shot and prepare to look your authentic best!

Plan to wear appropriate clothes. You need to wear clothes that say a thing or two about you and your personality. Identify the clothes from your wardrobe that compliment your style and body. Groom yourself well before the event.

Tip #3: Prepare for meaningful conversations during the event

You need both listen as well as talk during a live speed dating event to make the event useful for you. Take the following steps to prepare for this:

  • Keep an open-mind: Not everyone is familiar with live speed dating events. If you fall into this category, then you might have questions about the effectiveness of such an event. Keep an open mind and participate meaningfully:

  • Decide how will make the best use of the time available: Live speed dating events offer limited time to meet each participant. Plan to make the best use of it. Decide how you will greet other participants. Plan the kind of conversations you would like to have. Prepare to keep all distractions away.

  • Plan how you will talk about yourself: Decide how you will introduce yourself. Keep in mind that you want to hear about the other participants too, and not only talk about yourself. A bit of humor does wonders, therefore, plan to use some! For a professional single, the combination of quiet confidence and politeness is very important. Decide the course of your conversation so that you come across as a quietly confident and polite individual.

Tip #4: Get to know how the event will be conducted

The HEHE Match live speed dating event will see the participation of a significant number of professional singles. Everyone that joins the event has an objective, and that’s to find a suitable partner. By their very nature, such events need to follow certain rules and procedures to be effective. Familiarize yourself with these.

Get to know how the event will be conducted. Familiarize yourself with the event schedule. Find out how much time you can get for conversations with individual participants. This information is particularly important since you would want to respect other participants’ time just as you want them to respect your time.

Learn about how you can smoothly and courteously start and end a conversation with another participant. Find out how you can contact a potential match after the event. Make a note of the event start time and plan to join early.

Take your chance to find a soulmate in the HEHE Match live speed dating event!

Tackling Covid19 requires social distancing, however, that shouldn’t stop you in your effort to find that soulmate you wanted! The HEHE Match live speed dating event provides you with an excellent chance to virtually meet other professional singles. Prepare yourself well, and grab your chance!



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