The Best Ways to Meet Quality Singles

Are you single? Do you yearn for love, affection, and companionship? Are you lonely or alone, especially now during the pandemic? Do you want to find love?

87% of singles report that finding love is their top priority. Love changes us in subtle ways. We become bolder and more confident in our knowledge that someone supports and loves us no matter what.

Spending quality time with a loved one also improves our physical and mental well-being. Finding love (or letting love find you), might be the boost you need for your immunity, and even finances. (Being in a supportive relationship is likely to boost your annual income by more than $4000 according to a study by Washington University in St. Louis.

Despite the desire for love partners and the apparent benefits of being in supportive relationships, most singles still have a hard time meeting quality singles. Here are the best and most effective ways to meet quality singles.

Introductions from family and friends

Friends and family know you best. Perhaps even better than you know yourself. They already know who you tend to get attracted to.

Single's introductions from friends reduce the time you spend on vetting potential partners. The assumption is that your friends have already done the heavy lifting and wouldn't introduce you to people they don't trust.

A lot of people have established long-term loving relationships this way.

On the downside, take friend's recommendations with a pinch of salt. Sometimes our families and friends become hellbent on finding us love that it blinds them to the flaws of the people they introduce us to.

You also don't have to accept every potential date that your friends or family suggest. Use your discretion based on what you want in life and your future relationship.

Online dating

More singles have embraced the digital space to find love and companionships despite the stigma associated with finding love online. The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated online dating.

More than 50 million singles have used an online dating service or app. You won't be alone in looking for your soulmate here.

While there is no shortage of potential partners on online dating platforms, the quality lags. You'll encounter flaky individuals, perverts, timewasters, and fakes. However, you can still find gems hidden in the rubble; it just might take some time.

Regardless, many people have found online and gone ahead to build loving relationships, sometimes ending in marriage. If you decide on this route, keep these pros and cons of online dating in mind.

A matchmaker

A matchmaker is a professional love and dating expert who brings two compatible singles together.

Matchmakers, such as HEHE Match, reduce the burden and legwork for singles by finding and doing due diligence on potential mates.

By using a matchmaking service, singles get access to a pool of other vetted singles who match their personality and interests. Matchmakers also provide countless opportunities for all singles in their database to meet, interact, and network in a safe and controlled environment.

A matchmaker service, such as Hehe Match's premier dating service for professional singles in Toronto, Canada, and beyond, brings together professional singles who have been thoroughly vetted. These singles must meet stringent criteria to be accepted into the program.

The rigor with which matchmakers practice in selecting potential singles means that you'll only be meeting the best most qualified and compatible singles.

Professional and social organizations

Another great way of meeting quality singles is through professional, social, or even religious organizations. These are people with whom you already share something in common, such as your love for the trade, for volunteering, or a profession.

Pre-COVID, and even now, professional and social organizations host conferences that bring together lots of professionals and other stakeholders in the industry. It's not only a great way to network but also to find your soulmate.

You meet in a safe and controlled environment. You're also sure they are who they claim to be, unlike in the online space where people lie and cheat. Attending a conference together is enough pre-vetting. They can't participate in the event if it's something they are not passionate about.

On the downside, you can't tell who is single at a professional event or while volunteering unless they tell you. Or, you ask. Either way, take a leap of faith if you hope to find your soulmate.

On the bright side, many professionals and couples have met while volunteering at a religious function, a professional conference, etc., and built lasting relationships.

To meet quality singles, step out of your regular and ordinary path. Sometimes, love waits for you in the most unexpected places.



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