Six undeniable signs of a healthy relationship

Most people have been exposed to too many unhealthy relationships; they can longer tell the difference. Whether you're single, looking for a partner, or already in a relationship, these are the telling signs of a healthy relationship.

Open communication

Communication is the bedrock of any healthy relationship. Without it, everything comes breaking down. In a healthy relationship, partners communicate honestly and openly with each other. They share genuine feelings, and each partner accepts and respects each other's feelings.

Both partners understand that you won't always agree. And that's alright. You don't have to agree on everything to enjoy a great relationship.

When conflicts arise, they are adequately dealt with and dropped forever. Conflict is natural, and it's better dealt with openly than repressed and relieved during other conflict times.

Conflicts and disagreements are an opportunity to learn, grow, and strengthen your relationship as soulmates.

Power balance

Healthy relationships are an equal partnership where both partners have a fair contribution to decision-making. Ideally, no single partner has absolute or more power on joint decisions. If anything, both partners should contribute to the process and come to a unanimous decision.

Equality doesn't end with decision-making; it should permeate other areas, such as chores and other responsibilities.

No one is trying to "fix" or change the other.

You can't truly change or fix someone unless they want to change. Partners in a healthy relationship understand this and never try to fix or change their partners.

It's a futile journey and will leave you frustrated.

For a happier relationship, learn to respect each other's differences. For example, if your partner is disorganized, you can discuss it with them and look for ways to help them stay organized. However, don't nag or pressure them to change. It will only create conflict.

Nobody ever wants to be changed or fixed, especially when unsolicited. Learn to live with and appreciate each other's differences, quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. It's what makes you YOU and the reason you fell in love with your soulmate.

Each person makes time for self-care

Time set aside for self-care is one of the most telling signs of a healthy relationship.

You can't give what you don't have. You can't show love and affection in the same vein if you don't feel it in you and towards yourself.

Setting time aside for self-care gives you a chance to recharge and to look at things differently.

Without self-care, partners end up stressed, emotionally drained, and physically exhausted. In that strung state, you have less love and affection to give.

In a healthy relationship, each partner has time for self-care, and both partners give each other space for self-love and care. The more you're in touch with yourself, the more present you are for your soulmate.

Each partner is responsible for their happiness.

Soulmates in a healthy relationship, understand that their happiness is up to them. In other words, your partner doesn't owe you happiness. He or she isn't there to make you happy, that's up to you.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that their partners or the relationship ought to bring them happiness. But that is the wrong view. A relationship is about two wholesome people coming together to make an even stronger union.

You can help and support each other, but ultimately, each person is solely responsible for themselves.

Both partners value the relationship because it makes them happy.

Here is the real test of a healthy relationship: Why are you in the relationship? Why do you seek a loving partner if you're single?

If your answer was security, your relationship is unhealthy or heading there. Security - physical, mental, psychological, should never be the basis of your relationship. In healthy relationships, partners are in for the sake of being together. They are not motivated by societal perceptions, money, or other forms of security.

Living a happy life with the other person is the sole motivation, and as such, each partner is willing to make an effort to sustain the relationship. Whether it's quickly resolving conflicts or supporting each other, they are committed to the very end.

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