How to tell whether a man is attracted to you

Updated: Jul 10

Keen on someone super attractive? Let’s find out whether he likes you or not right now! 😉

  • If he re-initiates the conversation after you’ve ended a conversation….

The best way to test whether a guy is attracted to you or not is to end the conversation first. Then you will look at his reaction. If he likes you, he will find a way to re-initiate the conversation later on. Remember: a guy finds it really difficult to hide his desire!

  • If he gets closer to you….

You meet him at a party. There are many people in the same room, but he always gets closer to you for some reason: Maybe when he was getting his drink, his elbow “accidentally” touches your back as he was walking behind you. Perhaps he “overheard” your conversation with your friends and wants to join you.

  • If he is on his best behaviour….

Most men are slightly nervous when they are talking to women that they are attracted to. That’s why they are always on their best behaviour at the initial stage. So, if his behaviour is seriously perfect when he is interacting with you, chances are he is secretly in love with you!

But the current pandemic makes it impossible for anyone to go to parties, so it’s time to get ready for a virtual speed dating event. 😉

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