How to meet a high-quality man by design

Updated: Jul 10

Interested in meeting a high-quality man? Let me show you how to meet him by design, not by default. 😉

  • Interview a high-profile man in your area.

Let’s say you know there is a high-profile guy in your area – he is the successful CEO of ABC Company in the city centre. Now you can set up a blog and send him an email via his company’s official website: you can just say that you would like to interview him so that you can write a blog article about his work and achievement. Usually, an ambitious guy like that would say yes to this request because he is looking for PR on the Internet. Then you can organise a meeting with him, e.g. going to a coffeehouse near his office for the interview (remember to dress up and be elegant)! 😊

  • Follow a luxury car.

When you are driving during your lunch break, there is a luxury car in front of you and the guy who is driving the car looks very attractive. Now what you will do is to follow his car. If he stops near a restaurant, you should stop there, too. As he is walking into the restaurant, you also enter the restaurant. Then you can casually ask him, “Can you recommend something nice on the menu?” (He doesn’t know you actually followed him, and he would be more than happy to recommend something great to you if he is a real gentleman)!

Since restaurants and cafes are closed now due to the current pandemic, you would be well-advised to join a virtual speed dating event instead!



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