How to Go On A Socially Distant Date (Tips For Dating In-Person Post-Quarantine)

Updated: Jul 3

COVID-19 has changed most things in life. It is a highly contagious disease that has claimed the lives of many across the globe. A lot has changed since the first confirmed case in December 2019. Different guidelines have been issued to help curb its spread.

It has affected our socio-economic lifestyles to a certain extent. Engaging in various activities that require much socialization is now difficult because of the social distancing rule. Many are now forced to work from home to stay safe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected how we date. It is now difficult to go out on dates because most people are in quarantine.

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The biggest challenge you are likely to face is how to conduct a date during this period.

Most countries have eased their coronavirus restrictions, making it easy for people to move around. World Health Organization (WHO) also stated that this disease is likely to be endemic. This means we have to be prepared to live with it.

While most countries are doing their best to battle the pandemic, you should be prepared for life post-quarantine. There are different things you can do to make sure you stay safe during dates post-quarantine.

  • Put on a Face Mask

You should not take chances with your health when things start getting back to normal after COVID-19. A face mask is essential during this period. It protects you from inhaling virus-containing droplets produced during coughing or sneezing. You can also protect your partner from the disease. Putting on a face mask when you go for dates is essential.

  • Social Distancing

It is another thing to observe when meeting a person for a date. This is essential, especially when you are meeting someone for the first time. It could be your new match from online dating platforms like HEHE match where you can get professional singles.

Observing a one-meter distance in places you meet is essential. It is a comfortable distance that will ensure you interact smoothly as you also stay safe. You should also avoid too much contact or even kissing on the first date. Know your partner's status to remain safe.

  • Open Air Dates

Going for dates in open-air spots will prove vital in protecting you from the high-contagious disease. You can opt for park dates, beach dates, bike riding, or a city walk. Visit less crowded places and make sure you put on a face mask to stay safe.

You should also avoid touching different surfaces in the places you visit and sanitize your hands regularly. Open-air dates will keep you safe from the disease.

  • Visit Restaurants that Comply

Most health departments have set out guidelines for restaurants that wish to reopen during this period. Workers should be tested, and there should be a proper arrangement to observe all the social distancing rules. You should visit restaurants that comply with all the COVID-19 regulations during your first date.

Following these tips after getting your match from HEHE Match for professional singles will keep you protected from the disease.



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