How to decide if you should go for a second date?

As a professional single, how do you know whether you met the right person during the first date? How do you decide whether to go for a second date and continue the relationship?

Having worked hard to achieve professional success, you now want a fulfilling romantic relationship. You need to exercise sound judgments to find that soulmate you always deserved. Right tips matter too. At HEHE Match, one of the best dating and professional matchmaking companies for professional singles, we want you to succeed! Read on, as we present a few helpful tips to decide whether you should go for the second date.

1. Determine whether both of you share common cherished values

When professional singles take help from online dating or matchmaking services, they are looking for a long-term relationship that’s mutually enriching. You are probably doing that too, therefore, casual dating isn’t quite your priority.

You see, a long-term mutually enriching relationship can’t stand on weak fundamentals. For such a relationship, the person you date should share a few key cherished values with you. Look for this alignment before you decide to go for the second date.

We aren’t asking you to be judgmental about others. However, we are asking you to stand for what you value. You have achieved sustained success in your professional life. That’s not a flash in the pans! Sustained success requires the strength of character. You probably value universally recognized principles like integrity, respect, empathy, etc.

Analyze whether the person you met during the first date shares these cherished values. Look for clues in behavior, tone, body language, and general conduct. Trust your gut feelings.

An alignment here will lay the foundation for a fulfilling relationship where both of you grow together. Politely disengage if you see a lack of alignment here.

2. Assess whether your new date values healthy living

The professional world is highly competitive, and there can be ups and downs. You know that. You also know that looking after your health in a holistic manner prepares you adequately for the challenges that life inevitably throws at us.

Look for a positive outlook towards healthy living when you meet your first date. To be sure, we aren’t asking you to look for someone who perfectly follows a health or fitness regimen. The pressures of modern life can make such perfection very hard to achieve.

However, with a positive outlook towards healthy living, an individual can progressively take charge of his/her health. Look for openness towards healthy living and a willingness to learn. Go forward with the relationship if you find such an openness.

On the contrary, continuing with unhealthy and unhygienic habits with a closed mind indicates that an individual isn’t willing to take charge of his/her health. That provides ample indication that you won’t have a fulfilling relationship. Calmly and respectfully disengage.

3. Analyze the emotional outlook before you venture into the 2nd date

As a professionally successful single, you have likely seen enough of life to know that positives and negative emotions affect all of us. The key to a fulfilling life lies in cherishing the positive emotions and managing the negative ones. By the word “managing”, we mean constructively engaging with negative emotions and not suppressing them.

Look for the willingness to constructively manage emotions when you meet your first date. You see, errors happen and they are parts of life. An individual with a positive emotional outlook accepts errors and learns from them. He/she works on bouncing back from the negative fallouts from such errors. Look for an overall positive attitude.

On the other hand, an unwillingness to accept errors can cause bitterness. Such dispositions cause rigidity and an overly-critical attitude. For example, if the individual you meet during the first date continues to have an acrimonious relationship with his/her ex, then take a step back. Such an emotional state doesn’t augur well for a fulfilling life.

4. Find out whether your new date is open to learning

We aren’t only talking about pursuing higher studies in universities here. It’s the general outlook towards learning that we are referring to. A successful life requires intellectual nourishment. For intellectual growth, nothing works better than continuous learning. You must have already experienced it in your successful professional life.

The subject of learning varies from one individual to another. Whether it’s swimming, yoga, cooking, singing, or Japanese fine arts, every learning counts! Look for openness to learn new skills or competencies. If your new date has it, then you can look forward to an intellectually fulfilling life.

On the other hand, if you only see a smug attitude towards learning new skills, then take a step back. An “I know it all” attitude signals that an individual has stopped learning. A relationship with such an individual will not be mutually enriching.

5. Analyze the outlook towards financial security

We don’t mean that you should only date a millionaire! However, we recommend that you look for a constructive outlook on financial security. A purposeful and energetic life can be built only if someone plans their personal finances well.

While not everyone runs after wealth, managing personal finances well is an important quality. You also know that one can achieve financial security even without a lot of wealth. It only requires careful planning and discipline.

Someone taking personal finances seriously saves up for those “rainy days”. Such an individual demonstrates a responsible attitude toward money. On the other hand, a person unmindful about financial security runs up unjustifiable debts.

During the first date, you might not get enough information to assess whether your new date takes financial security seriously. You need to take more time to judge this and you need to be discreet about it.

Assess carefully before you should go on a second date

Professional singles work very hard to achieve success in the professional world, so did you. You might have gone on a first date with someone you came across on an online dating platform. Alternatively, a professional matchmaking service might have done their due diligence and helped you to meet a new date. That doesn’t mean you owe anything yet to your new date. Assess carefully whether you can build a mutually-enriching long-term relationship with your new date. Respectfully and politely disengage if you don’t see enough positive indications. As always, you can reach out to us at HEHE Match, if you need help.



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