How to be a confident alpha woman & get a love life you deserve

Confident alpha women are decisive action takers, opportunity snatchers and high vibrational beings that attract men effortlessly. Are you one of them?

  • Three layers of confidence:

The first layer of confidence is external confidence, i.e. the way you dress up, the way you walk and the way you talk. This level of confidence can be faked, but it’s a very important layer because your external confidence can significantly influence how you feel inside.

The second layer of confidence is lifestyle confidence, i.e. your hobbies, your career, your social circle, etc. That means you derive confidence from a range of areas in your life. Once you’ve built an amazing lifestyle full of exciting activities, you have the second layer of confidence.

The third layer of confidence is core confidence, i.e. you love yourself unconditionally and this radical self-love makes you fully understand that no matter what, you are a high-value woman. You feel invincible. No one can take your core confidence away from you.

  • How confident alpha women meet good men:

After building your confidence, you are ready to meet high-quality men. Here are some ideas:

  1. Do the group version of activities that you already do. For instance, if you like painting, you should join a painting class. If you like sports, just go to the gym. In this way, you will meet like-minded men.

  2. Join a virtual speed dating event. HEHE Match offers complimentary virtual speed dating events that specifically help single women meet high-quality men. Don’t miss out on these opportunities!

(Jade Seashell is a columnist and relationship advisor at

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