How high-calibre women attract elite men under the radar

High-calibre women have already levelled up, so they can attract elite men effortlessly (and oftentimes under the radar). Here are some of their secrets:

  • A high-calibre woman goes to places where there are many elite men.

I know a high-calibre woman who goes to an upmarket pub at 4:30pm every Friday afternoon because she knows that pub is near tall buildings in the city centre where elite men frequent for their Happy Hour drinks. On a Friday afternoon, she is sitting at her table while working on her laptop. Meanwhile, she is wearing headphones (it seems that she is concentrating on her work). Now elite men in the pub would wonder, “Who is that elegant lady working here at this hour?” 20 minutes later, she takes off her headphones and joins these elite men’s conversations with ease.

  • A high-calibre woman flies first class to meet elite men.

Another high-calibre woman in my social circle flies first class, partly because she can afford it (she is a high-calibre lady), and partly because she can easily meet elite men in the first-class cabin. She has done this for many times, so she has met a large number of elite men. More importantly, some of these guys have become her friends, and some of them have become her business partners.

Obviously, going to a pub isn’t practical during COVID-19 and no one can travel these days either, so you should totally join a virtual speed dating event!



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