How and Why Speed Dating Works in the Current Dating Climate

A recent study in North America shows that most singles rarely meet suitable candidates in real life. Further analysis indicates that the average single person only meets 0-1 potential partner in one year because the current dating climate doesn’t really allow men and women to connect with each other easily in reality. What’s more, the pandemic has made the dating landscape even more complicated. Therefore, a virtual speed dating event is a must these days.

  • In order to find quality, quantity matters.

If you only meet 0-1 suitable candidate per year, it will probably take forever to find the ideal candidate. That’s exactly why you must have options in the first place. Let’s say you only choose one out of one option – chances are that’s a pretty bad choice. But if you choose one out of many options, you are more likely to find your soulmate faster. An online speed dating event gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of suitable candidates who are also looking for love. In this way, you will have options, i.e. abundance. This explains how and why speed dating works nowadays.

  • HEHE Match has done the hard work for you.

Here at HEHE Match, we have already done the hard work for you because we have selected lots of suitable candidates beforehand. Now all you need to do is to relax and join the online speed dating event when you are ready. Remember: In life, you can always get your money back, but you can’t get your time back – time is your most valuable asset, so the best time to join a virtual speed dating event was last month & the second-best time to join a virtual speed dating event is now.



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