A guide to preparing for the first online date: Brought to you by HEHE Match

You have found a potential soulmate on an online dating platform and both of you have agreed to go on the first date. As most professional singles do, you have worked very hard to achieve success professionally. You just couldn’t devote much time earlier on a romantic pursuit. Now that you are going on the first date, you feel nervous! How to prepare for the date, what to say, and what to do: These are just some of the many questions in your mind!

Take a deep breath and relax! Most professional singles face this moment leading up to their first date. At HEHE Match, one of the best dating and professional matchmaking companies for professional singles, we understand your needs. We have a guide to preparing the first online date. Read on, as we recommend the following tips.

1. Plan your first date carefully

Thorough planning can help you to utilize your first date well. It does something more too! When you plan your first date well, it shows when you meet your date. All of us like to feel important. If your date makes that extra effort to make the first date successful, you will feel good about it. It works the other way too!

Focus on the following when planning your first date:

  • Venue: Plan to meet at a public place. This is a good practice from a safety standpoint.

  • Transportation: Arrange for your own transportation. You need more time to trust your date before you can get into his/her vehicle. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have many public transportation options, then arranging for your own transportation is even more important.

  • Dress: On this subject, we will just say this: Look your authentic best!

  • Precautions: Let a trusted friend know that you are going on a first date, and inform him/her about the venue and time. Ask your friend to remain on standby.

  • Activities: Depending on the time that the two of you have allocated for the first date, think of an activity in addition to the conversation. We recommend that you plan activities by discussing it with your date. This would help to find a mutually agreed activity such as a stroll in a city park.

Plan your first date to make the most of your time together.

2. “Put your best foot forward” when meeting your date

You can get value from online dating by creating the right impression when you meet your date for the first time. Focus on the following:

  • Listen: When you listen to your first date intently, the mutual respect grows manifold even before you say anything notable about yourself. There’s something magical in the simple act of listening. You spend a lot of energy when you listen to someone sincerely. Your first date can see that you are sincere enough to respect him/her, and that’s why you are expending that energy.

  • Conversation: Express yourself and the fine values you cherish. Whether it’s the greeting or the conversation that follows, let your date know the humane side of you. When you stay true to yourself and the values you cherish, you will naturally come across as a fine human being. Although it may sound clichéd, however, “be yourself”!

  • Body language: Experts say that what one sees overshadows what one hears. When you engage sincerely in a conversation with your first date, your body language will show that. No one can fake interest in another individual for long. When you genuinely show interest and warmth towards another person, your body language will surely convey that to him or her.

  • Intimacy: You are the best judge of whether you should be intimate with your date during the first meeting. All we say is that you should trust both your instinct and analytical mind.

Through your simple and sincere acts, demonstrate that you care and you are present in the moment.

3. Demonstrate purpose and energy about the follow-up

During your first date, you will likely understand clearly whether you have found a potential soulmate. If you find that the two of you are compatible, then you need to follow-up. We recommend that you demonstrate the purposeful energy that made you successful professionally!

Ask for a follow-up date. Be mindful of the busy schedule of your date and don’t give the impression that you are desperate.

What if you found that the two of you aren’t quite compatible with each other? Trust your judgment and don’t prolong a relationship that might not work out. Disengage gracefully and respectfully.

A purposeful and energetic disposition is the key to success everywhere, and the world of online dating isn’t an exception!

With the right preparation, you can successfully navigate your first date!

Your maturity, wisdom, and the above-mentioned tips will help you to navigate your first date successfully. However, if you need expert guidance, then that’s available too! Contact us at HEHE Match, and our expert team will promptly help you to find the soulmate that you always deserve.



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