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HEHE Match Inc is a hi-tech professional dating and matchmaking company for professional singles. It's one of the leading and innovative matchmaking companies in the world - customer-centric and results-oriented. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, HEHE Match has a global reach in finding your ideal soulmate.

HEHE offers one-stop-shop services for professional singles, from complimentary networking and establishing the perfect dating environment, to providing a high-end customized matchmaking service on a subscription basis.

HEHE offers superior services at an affordable cost. We work with our professional singles to find their true soulmates and achieve a successful, long-term match.

KEY features

HEHE's Secete Source

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across the globe

our mission
  • HEHE cares about you and takes the time needed to find you the right person based on your personality.

  • We utilize cutting-edge technologies that make it easy for busy and successful professional singles to find soulmates and live a happy, healthy, and balanced life.

  • HEHE offers you superior service with a personal touch through positive and knowledgeable customer relations.

  • HEHE uses the latest patent-pending algorithms in artificial intelligence, data science, and matching methodologies to connect you with the perfect match.

  • A world with no one who is emotionally detached.

oUR team & history
  • Our team comprises high-caliber professionals with impeccable educational backgrounds and extensive business experience. With our expertise, you're guaranteed to find your true soulmate.


  • Working with our team, you'll find personal and intellectual stimulation and excellent interpersonal skills to help you connect with your soulmates. Many in our team are world-class professionals with practical wealth leadership experience from Fortune 500 companies. 

- Founded by a former senior banker in late 2016


- 3 world-class professional designations

- Leadership positions in 3 continents, 5 banks, Fortune 100 companies, 4 of them are the World’s 50 Safest Banks


-  3 car crashes reformatted her life

-  After her raising up again, HEHE Match was born with its vision to promote “a world where no one is emotionally detached” and mission to enable single professionals to find “soulmates” and achieve work-life balance 


  • A way to positively impact the planet before leaving it


HEHE Match

- Started out from a boutique offline headhunting type of matchmaking service exclusively for successful professionals

-  then quickly expanded into online dating with the assistance of hi-tech including Big Data and AI in order to keep more clients happy

Our Core VALUEs 
  • Noble Cause - Our goal is to create a positive impact on society by helping individuals find love, fulfillment, and companionship.

  • High Standards - We aim high and empower our clients by connecting them with soulmates, not just lifemates that enhance their lives - both personal and professional.

  • Results-driven with a Craftsman Spirit - We never stop or tire until our clients are satisfied. Our happiness comes from seeing our clients happy and fulfilled.

  • Highly Innovative - - We are leading innovators using the latest cutting-edge technologies, including AI and other safety measures, to match singles across the globe with their true soulmates.

  • Continuous Improvement - We continually work with industry experts, academic institutions, and tech development companies to sharpen our R&D and improve our offerings.

HEHEMatch has invested heavily in finding the secret to a happier life through quality relationships. As a result of our continued research around romantic relationships, HEHE has one of the most advanced methods for soulmates matchmaking.


Our team continues to identify and fix many of the issues that destroy relationships. We work with experts in diverse fields worldwide including post-secondary institutions, tech, engineering, and research companies. Our company collects extensive statistical data, and works with subject-matter experts, like psychologists, sociologists, data analysts, to guide the development of our groundbreaking products.

  • Low dating satisfaction rate

  • High levels of dating failure

  • Increased online dating scams

  • Higher divorce rates

  • We offer a one-of-its-kind, safe online networking and dating platform. It utilizes cutting-edge data processing technologies with a built-in risk control system to control risk, make detailed personal assessments, and weed out fakes, scammers, and joyriders.

  • HEHE Match also offers authentic offline matchmaking environments where singles can connect, network, and find their dream soulmates.




Our clients find their soulmates with our innovative, data-driven approach and live happy, energetic, fulfilling, and successful lives.



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